EPA Performance Standards

EPA issued performance standards for Phase 2 dredging based on the knowledge gained during Phase 1 and input from the Peer Review Panel. Information on Phase 2 performance standards can be found here: 

Phase 2 Engineering Performance Standards
Phase 2 Quality of Life Performance Standards
Phase 2 Statement of Work


What are the Engineering Performance Standards for the Hudson River PCBs Site?

The engineering performance standards are technical requirements that help to ensure that the dredging of the Upper Hudson is done safely, stays on schedule and meets human health and environmental protection objectives.

There are three Engineering Performance Standards:

  • Resuspension - Designed to protect river water intakes and limit transport of PCBs. A water quality monitoring program is being carried out to show that the objectives of the resuspension standard are being met during dredging.
  • Residuals - Designed to detect and manage small amounts of PCBs in sediments that may remain on the river bottom after dredging.
  • Productivity - Designed to keep the dredging work on schedule.


What are the Quality of Life Performance Standards for the Hudson River PCB Site?

The quality of life performance standards are intended to reduce the effects of the dredging and dewatering operations on:

* People          * Businesses          * Recreation          * Community Activities


Compliance with the Performance Standards

Quality of life performance standards have been developed for air quality, noise, lighting, odor and navigation. Compliance with the standards is achieved by meeting the following requirements during the cleanup: